Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jimmy Jabba

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"Dubya Duty"

"Titan Lights"
In 1962, houses were demolished to make way for Alexandria public school, T.C. Williams (made famous in the movie, Remember the Titans). As a concession to residents in the surrounding neighborhood, a promise was made resulting in restrictions mandated by the City Council. The school's large athletic field would never have lights and no nighttime athletic events would be scheduled. The promise was reiterated in 2006 when the original school was demolished and a a super complex took its place. Last week, the Alexandria City Council caved in to athletic boosters who've advocated night events for decades. Restrictions were lifted. Lights would now be allowed and nighttime athletic events would be allowed.

"Obama Tanked"

Reading: 'How to Tank at War' by W.

"Ebola Air"

"None So Blind"

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