Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Week's Toon 'KKK Poster Baby"

This Week's Toon

'KKK Poster Baby"

Following the Kansas killings, KKK groups scramble to distance themselves from shooter Frazier Glenn Cross, in a struggle to shed the violent, hate-monger stigma. Who could ever imagine how this klandestine group developed such a tarnished reputation.

Now, onto more technical matters.

There are many times when black & white art carries more visual impact than color, especially if placed on a page where color is plentiful. So, I submitted alternate versions on this week's cartoon, to offer a choice to editors. Often, the color version can simply be converted to grayscale, but that often looks awkward. Not all colors (especially reds) survive the transfer, making the art look cloudy or diminishes visual contrast. So, in many cases, I usually prepare the black and white art differently. In this case, I even did a bitmap version which stripped away any shades of gray completely. 

Oh, and why did I not end the Mamma K3's statement with a question mark? One can call it poetic license, of course. But, to me the dialogue expressed was less interrogative than exclamatory. 

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Color version works well on an otherwise text heavy, black & white opinion page. 

Black & white art is more striking on an otherwise more colorful page.
The stark black & white line art in this bitmap version is evocative of
old school engravings in the days of letterpress newspapers.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Magazine Published!

Magazine Published!

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The Aphelion Arc PREVIEW ISSUE is now available! This 32-page special preview edition contains the latest and most complete version of "Exiles of Nod," along with The Nerds' Appendix and bonus material that provides a glimpse at the process in scripting and storyboarding. The magazine also contains sketches for the new tale, "Adam's Eve" or, "another stab at paradise." 
(see more details on the APHELION ARC PAGE)

Sample pages from the magazine (Click on image for larger view)

This Week's Toon

'Mr. Ryan's Target'
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Last Week's Toon

'Virginia Abby Normal'
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Catching Up on Recent Cartoons

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