Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GOP: Waiting For Mister Right

"Waiting for Mister Right" [Published 10/18/11]
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Chris Christie said no. Ronald Reagan is still dead. Republicans remain hopeful "Godot" will make an appearance in the pumpkin patch in time for the 2012 election.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Campaign 2012: Rick Perry's N-Word Rock

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"Rock, Perry, Scissors" [Published 10/06/11]
When the Washington Post published an article about a certain rock discovered on Rick Perry's family hunting grounds, accusations of racism abounded. The rock, etched with the word, "Niggerhead," was carry-over from a time many years earlier when the area was commonly referred to in that offensive name. At some point, the word had been painted over, but still remained detectible. 

Now, I am no fan of Rick Perry by any stretch, but I thought this was a petty political ploy, as childish as the old "Rock, Paper, Scissors game.