Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'We Break for Democrats'

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"Bull Elephant in a Diplomatic Shop"



"Flight of the GOPees"

"Je Suis Charlie"



Magic Bullet No. 10 at Newsstands Soon!


The tenth edition of the comics anthology newspaper, Magic Bullet will hit the streets the first part of February. The newspaper is a showcase of Washington DC area cartoonists, featuring work by some of the top professionals in the region. This issue's cover (inset) boasts the creative genius of Matt Dembicki. So, look for it soon at newsstands, coffee shops and wherever the erudite hang out in the metro DC area. To see where you can pick up your FREE copy of the 48 page issue, link to the Magic Bullet Locator


Glimpse of Art

Here's a sliver from my full page illustration in the upcoming issue of Magic Bullet. To see the entire picture, be sure to pick up your FREE COPY.