Saturday, June 30, 2012

An American in Montreal

I was attending the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists (ACEC) convention in Montreal. Here are some images from the event. Photos not credited were taken by me on my iPhone.

(top) Other Americans attending are (l. to r.) Wiley Miller, Jan and Dwane Powel, and Ann Telnaes.

(above) Thrilled to be here with my Canadian friends and colleagues. 
Behind me (in the hat) is New Yorker cartoonist Barry Blitt. 
[photos by Nik Kowsar] 

Master cartoonist turned paparazzi Nik Kowsar pauses to review his latest catch at the McCord Museum in Montreal on Friday. Our group attended a reception at the museum which displays one of Canada's largest collections of cartoons in the country. 
[photo by Nicki Kowsar] 

An admirer chuckles at Malcolm Mayes' comic rendering at the McCord Museum reception. 
[photo by Steve Artley]

Justin Trudeau rolled out on stage on his skateboard Thursday evening, bringing with him a bag of gags. One of them was his famous father's jacket that he flamboyantly donned, adding "...and the jacket fits!" Some took this as an indication that he will vie for his father's former position as Prime Minister of Canada.

Below are a series of shots from Serg Chapleau's 3-D animation studio we toured. This popular show that parody's Canadian politicians is broadcast throughout the country.
Serg Chapleau 
[photo by Nik Kowsar]

Andy Donato loves the lens and the lens loves Andy. Andy's wife Dianne
ignores the camera and carries on a civil conversation with Susan Dewar.

Jeanette and Ben enjoying a bit of respite in old Montreal.

Dale Cummings takes a break in old Montreal.

In one of Serg's favorite restaurants, American cartoonist Wiley Miller (former editorial cartoonist who now is creator of the award winning 'Non Sequitur' comic strip) reaches across the border to embrace Canadian editorial cartoonist Susan Dewar.

Below, various shots around Montreal.

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Immigration Gyration

"Immigration Gyration" [Published 062112]
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The Gripes of Wrath

"The Gripes of Wrath" [released 061312]
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The Arab Sting

"Arab Sting" [released 06/07/12)
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The WIzard of Rove

"The Wizard of Rove" [published 06/06/12]
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