Friday, December 6, 2013

Trailer Released

Trailer Previewing New Story Released

A new trailer that previews another story in Issue 1 is now on the STORIES page at the Aphelion Arc website. Along with story one, "Exiles of Nod" and story two, "ON TARGET," the science fiction story, "SECONDS" rounds out issue 1 as the third story. Both stories are currently in production with "ON TARGET" scheduled for completion in mid January and "SECONDS" shortly thereafter.

"SECONDS" is a futuristic science fiction story with classic roots firmly planted in Greek heroic legend. In this case, the lone "hero" is more aptly the nerdy antihero poster child of Geekdom. When a rogue virus infects the Earth's Master Computer, prompting it to launch a self-destruct sequence, a lone technician reaches into the past to try to stop the countdown... and save civilization. 

A huge thanks to brilliant webmaster Michael Auger at Arty4ever for getting this uploaded to the Aphelion Arc website so quickly.

The video can also be seen on Youtube 'SECONDS' trailer from the Aphelion Arc series

(Click on Image for Larger View) 

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