Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Right Righteous Roy

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"Right Righteous Roy"

I usually don’t get into written explanations of my cartoons, but feel compelled to do so here. Some readers are taking a literal interpretation of the above rendering. That’s fine of course. But, I do want to offer the following thoughts on my motivation for producing this particular cartoon.

Honestly, the intent of my cartoon had less to do with Judge Moore’s sexual past and more to do with his present conduct. It’s his record of, unabashedly molesting the Constitution;  of his bullying same-sex parents and using religion as an excuse to bash gays; of his extreme views on Muslims, his lies about Shari’a law infiltrating American courts, his rant that Muslims should not serve in Congress as Islam conflicts with the Constitution and suggested 9/11 was God’s punishment for Americans’ straying from religion; his extreme views on gun control believing more guns and fewer restrictions will keep us safe; his opposition to reproduction rights of women; his support for anti-environmental initiatives including opening up lands to be raped by an orgy of industrialists gone wild. 

The Ten Commandments issue is further evidence of his fanaticism. Being a person of faith myself, I am appalled to see revered religious symbols used as battering rams. To me, that is a mockery of Christian values. 

I am a political cartoonist, seasoned over 35 years and from the old school of single-panel, cross-hatching renderers using symbols, hyperbole and metaphor with a high dose of satire compressed into a succinct political statement — a biased, one-sided, unfair, distorted, myopic statement — not a news report. So, rather than a literal interpretation of the scene, allow me to share my intent. I meant for the attractive girl to represent American laws, values, pristine lands, resources, communities, opportunities, diversity, potential — our ideals. Enticing as she may be, provocatively dressed as she may appear it's not an invitation for abuse. The other figures in the image objectify her. She’s a thing to conquer, to dominate and pollute for their own gain, using mock righteousness and Orwellian slogans of anamorphic patriotism to justify their exploits. That is the obscenity. That is the perversion I was aiming to express here... in my biased, one-sided, unfair, myopically liberal view.

I’ll leave to ya’ll to apply your own symbolism to the gun and tie.

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