Saturday, December 16, 2017

Reason 1407 why I hate computers

Reason 1407 why I hate computers

This window popping up tells me nothing. It may as well say, “I don’t feel like performing right now and there’s not a thing you can do about it. But, I want you to agree by hitting the 'OK' and you must hit the button before you can do anything else, including shutting down the bloody computer.” 

Just for kicks, I decided to look up this code. My search netted nothing except for a link to a guy complaining about the same thing, with a link to another site with a list of codes, none of which had this number (-1407). i searched the Apple help menu, the online Apple Macintosh users-reaching-out-to-eachother, computer co-dependency, we’re helpless morons in desperation site and found the following:

A dude poses the question, “I can’t put anything in the trash without getting a window saying, ‘The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code −1407).’”

The Answer (listed as the BEST answer):
“We need a little more information..."

You need a little more information? Really? What in the question could you possibly not understand to answer the question.

He goes on, "Please state exactly what the error says when it comes up..."

Excuse me, but the questioner DID put exactly what the error said when it came up.

He continues in the same paragraph, "As far as I know, Apple doesn’t provide a list of codes..."

Ach!! So, why the hell did you need to know exactly what the error said if you don't know what it means and even Apple doesn't share what it means?

Continuing on in the same paragraph, "You can always Google it to see if anyone else has experienced this error and what it means.”

I really don’t know how it was resolved or if it was resolved at all. At that point, I quit reading, shut the bloody computer down and went outside with a pad and pencil and glass of Glenmoreange 12, rocks.


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