Friday, August 23, 2013

What's in a Name?

Aphelion Arc is Far Out
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Aphelion is the point on an orbiting path furthest from the sun. Stories from the Aphelion Arc illustrated anthology series present subjects and concepts far from conventional perception of reality, and venture into the realm of the paranormal. 

Themes vary throughout this science fiction and fantasy anthology, and cover a wide range of topics, settings, and time periods. Regardless of scene or character, this anthology is story centric. In each instance, a compelling tale is woven. Expertly rendered illustrations complete the experience.

New Promos for APHELION ARC

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Aphelion Arc 
This is an interim site while the official site is under construction. You'll find information on the Aphelion Arc illustrated anthology series, including art panels from the first story in the series, EXILES OF NOD

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