Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aphelion Arc Stories

A description of upcoming stories
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It's About the Story

Each issue of the Aphelion Arc will typically be comprised of 3 stories, showcasing one feature story and 2 shorter tales.

Upon completion of the website (later this summer), panels from the stories will be uploaded sequentially as they are completed. When all stories are completely uploaded, compilation to the print edition will begin. 

Print editions will include the 'NERD'S APPENDIX." This section provides backstory and other points of interest relating to the stories. In some issues, this area will also share notes on development along with preliminary sketches.

This will be the general procedure for each subsequent issue. 

Themes vary throughout this science fiction and fantasy anthology, and cover a wide range of topics, settings, and time periods. Regardless of scene or character, this anthology is story centric. In each instance, a compelling tale is woven. Expertly rendered illustrations complete the experience.

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