Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Three Toons

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"Town Criers"

Local politics was the hot topic on this election day and my drawing board was smoking. The bitter mayoral campaign that pitted the Democratic contender, Allison Silberberg against incumbent write-in challenger Bill Euille, along with a potential shake up in Alexandria (VA) City Council — prompted my having a second cartoon at the ready to cover either scenario. 

That in itself is not an uncommon practice in the world of editorial cartooning. However, because of the write-in campaign which could have made for an exhaustive tallying process extending days beyond my paper's deadline, a third alternate cartoon was needed. 



Recent Cartoons (click on Images for larger view)

"Gowdy Duty"

"The Headless Houseman"

"Captains Outrageous"

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