Friday, May 8, 2015

Wright Wrong for the Right

On Monday, May 6th — former House Speaker, Jim Wright died at age 92 years.

I met him at a Washington function in the mid 1980's and found him a jovial and articulate man. During his tenure, it was easy lampooning this illustrious Democratic Congressman from Texas. So, today I went through my archives to find something to commemorate his public service and found this cartoon (below) from 1989. I drew it right around the time he surrendered his post as Speaker of the House amid allegations of ethics violations.

Wright was a favorite target for Republicans enraged with his brand of parliamentary procedure in running the house and pushing through a rash of his party's legislation. Additionally, they felt his encouraging peace negotiations in Nicaragua fell outside the boundaries of his station and subverted the rightful authority of President Reagan. You see, in those days Republicans felt a President should wield a large measure of power in governing. To them, it was unthinkable that a member of Congress would circumvent Presidential authority on matters of foreign policy — completely opposite of how they feel about the same matter today.


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