Monday, October 21, 2013

Aphelion Arc Website Coming Soon

Home Stretch

The Aphelion Arc website is getting the final touches in place. Launch is expected by Halloween. 

Here is a preview of the slide viewer that will preview some of the stories. To see the updated slideshow panels, click the APHELION ARC tab on this page under the Artleytoons banner, upper left. Or, just CLICK HERE.

Pragmatically, our overly people-populated planet is anything but pristine. I like to make mechansisms for the Aphelion Arc to look well used. Peeling decals and paint, along with a bit of grime adds a bit of authenticity to the setting. Thankfully, it's a virtual reality, so you can keep your Purell® plugged. 

(click on image for larger view)
Pristine, it's not (click image for larger view).

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