Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Member of the Family

Cartoon from April of 2009

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This cartoon from 2009 demonstrates my desperate attempt to persuade 
people not to participate in the growing gun culture. 
Well, a whole lot of good that did.

For this one, I did something that I usually try to avoid. I used typesetting
for the text. But, with a looming deadline, it was easy to be weak. What
bothers me is the typeface. I regret not going online and finding a more
appealing comic font.

The cartoon was inspired by a married couple I know who decided it was
time to get a handgun. These folks are in the eighties, and they suddenly
came to the conclusion they needed to arm themselves.

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  1. this should be published again. Hmmmmmm. mebbe next week's blog?


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